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The Bournemouthian Editorial Team

Noah Stride

Noah Stride – Editor

Noah Stride is the Chief Editor of the Bournemouthian, and will take over all operations that this service undertakes. He is credited for moving the Bournemouthian online, with this on-demand service taking over from the former routine of publication. Noah’s interests include politics and computers, both of which are usually reported by him, and is the Bournemouthian’s main photographer.



Simon Foot – Editor

Simon Foot

Simon is the Bournemouthian’s Deputy Editor and seeks to report current school affairs as well as the current position of various societies taking place around the school. His interests include medicine and the sciences, along with a passion for first aid, and has set up the school’s First Aid society – believing that it should be a subject taught in citizenship or as a timetabled lesson.





Lucas Clark – Reporter

Lucas looks to report on whatever scoop he can get his hands on – whether it be school or non-school related. With an interest in languages, as well as economics, Lucas looks to also report on foreign affairs that may affect our country, and in turn, our school. His quick wit and sense of humour certainly paves the way to some excellent reporting.


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Left-to-right: Jacob Bruchez, Ian Westhead (Chief editor), George Wright, Jamie Siviter